April 8, 2024

ITL Attorneys once again a leading law firm in transport law according to legal500

Legal500 describes our firm as follows:  

 Formerly known as Transport& Logistiek Advocaten, the firm merged with Dutch and Polish law office Vallenduuk Transport Advocaten in late 2023 to form ITL Attorneys,which draws praise for its ‘exceptional grasp of all aspects of transport law’. The team has a strong focus on work for road transport clients. Litigation is the cornerstone of the practice, which also handles work in areas such as insurance and tax.


We are very thankful for the beautiful testimonials:

The team are very knowledgeable in the transport sector. They really understand what clients need to do. Working with them is very straight forward.’


‘The team has an exceptional grasp of all aspects of transport law, whether it be the on penal, social, commercial or fiscal aspects. It is refreshing that their main focus is on road transport law, where not a lot of real experts can be found.’


‘Frederik Vanden Bogaerdehas been a household name in road transport work for a very long time. He is very strong in litigation and auditing and has a very good reputation for courtwork, especially in the penal and social aspects of road transport.’


Many thanks to our clients and partners for their trust and partnership, and also a big thanks to the entire ITL Attorneys team!

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