Social security & labour fiscality

Employee fiscality and social security is an important aspect that companies operating in the transport industry must consider. It refers to the taxes, social security premiums and obligations associated with the income and employment of employees.

The income taxation of employees in the transport industry may have specific considerations due to the nature of the work. For example, if employees are engaged in international transport operations, they may be subject to different tax and social security attibutions epending on the countries they operate or live in. Often, double taxation agreements between countries may provide guidance on the taxation of employees engaged in international transport activities, while the European framework on social security (including the A1-documents) has to be kept in mind.

It is crucial for transport and logistics companies to be well advised on employee income taxation and social security to ensure compliance and fulfill their obligations as employers, avoiding severe risks. ITL Attorneys helps companies navigate the complexities of employee taxation and the various applicable regulations. We frequently assist clients and their drivers in case of disputes with tax or social security authorities.


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