Multimodal transport

Port & terminals

Port and terminal operations are of a complex nature, with a lot of potential risks involved. This operations are an essential part in the multimodal transport sector of today.

Next to the general risks and cargo liabilities that can occur due to incidents, terminal operations can result in demurrage and detention claims, as well as in the exercise of rights of retention.

The legal framework applicable on this operation is mostly governed by national law. However, the scope of most national legislation does not allow to regulate all risks and possible liabilities. In these circumstances, the importance of the contracts and general conditions applicable between parties cannot be underestimated. ITL Attorneys assist their clients in drafting up this contracts to protect the rights and interests while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Whether it's a cargo damage claim, general liability or contractual issue/dispute, we have the expertise to handle the wide range of this legal matters efficiently and effectively.


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