Supply chain and logistics

Shipper’s liability

Shipper's liability refers to the legal responsibility borne by the entity or individual that arranges for the transportation of goods. The lawyers of ITL Attorneys provide valuable expertise in understanding and navigating shipper's liability matters.

When it comes to securing the cargo, shippers are obligated to ensure that the goods are adequately packaged and stowed to prevent damage or loss during transit. Failing to secure the cargo properly may result in liability for any harm caused to the goods, other cargo, or the vessel itself.

Additionally, shippers must be mindful of overloading the vessel beyond its safe capacity. Overloading can lead to accidents, instability, and potential environmental hazards. As such, shippers must comply with weight restrictions and loading guidelines imposed by authorities and industry regulations to avoid liability in case of accidents or damages arising from overloading.

We assist shippers in understanding their legal responsibilities, providing guidance on compliance with cargo securing protocols and weight restrictions. Our aim is to protect our clients from unnecessary liabilities and ensure the smooth and safetransportation of goods.



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