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International trade & transport

International trade and transport encompass the movement of goods and services acrossborders, necessitating efficient logistics and compliance with diverse regulations. Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) play a pivotal role indefining responsibilities and liabilities for buyers and sellers during shipment, clarifying risk transfer, insurance, and transportation costs. However, challenges arise for shippers in dealing with distinct legal systems within the EU and the UK, compounded by changes post-Brexit. Navigating varying laws, regulations, and customs procedures demands careful attention. Contract discrepancies, dispute resolution, and liability standards create complexities that shippers must address to ensure compliance and risk mitigation.

ITL Attorneys offer invaluable expertise in managing the complexities of international trade and transport within the EU and the UK. Our team  assists shippers and logistic providers in drafting contractstailored to meet the legal requirements of specific jurisdictions and providesguidance to facilitate smooth and legally compliant cross-border operations.



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